I/T Implementation Services

Businessolutions’ principals and partners average over 25 years’ successful experience in business leadership positions involving the introduction of new technogies to a business.

New Technology Roll-outs


  • We simulate the impact -- in advance -- so the expectations are clear.
  • We identify and manage all significant risks, behavioral or technical.


  • You achieve the ROI you expect.

Rescuing Troubled Projects


  • We clearly define the entire project and identify critical path components.
  • We work with the business and I/T to re-scope or otherwise pull in your timeline but still deliver essential elements.


  • Project back on track.

Business and I/T Alignment


  • We interview key stakeholders in business and I/T, and diagnose gaps in communications and expectations.


  • The business and I/T pull together to drive needed results for your customers and stakeholders.

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